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Culture relativism and culture imperialism in Islam

The Swiss ban on building minarets triggered in the secular republic of Turkey some heavy loaded attacks on the West. Is Switzerland representing the West or let me say the Non-Muslim world as a whole? I don’t think so. It is this generalization which is the real base for racism. The Accusations in the Turkish press varied from ‘those racists, xenofobists, imperialists, islamphobia’ to ‘those people there in the West doesn’t know the blessings of Islam…

Blessings? No, I don’t know the blessings of Islam. What I know is that it has all the seeds of a dangerous ideology which is based upon culture imperialism and culture relativism. Let’s take the latter for example. Some weeks ago I had the pleasure to get in touch with a person, a married woman, who was converted to Christianity. Not a big deal for me since I know people who converted from Christianity to being a Muslim. But the problem with this highly educated woman was that her husband even don’t know that she is converted. And her family, which are communistic in the Turkish way, underlined one dogma regarding religion: Mohammed was the last prophet, so he has to be followed. She told me that she is afraid to tell her relatives, since she fear the worst in the secular Republic of Turkey where every form of criticism (being a Turk and being a Sunni Muslim) is offensive. And taking in account that only in 2009 more than 950 women are killed in Turkey by relatives I share her concern. And this same Turkey is steering up the mood and want to create a 'global' crisis because this ban of minarets in Switzerland.

That European and American people always say that Islam has to be modernized and that it will undergo a Renaissance as well. I have bad news for them: the intrinsic cultural and political movement of the Islam don’t allow changes. Their system is based upon ‘laws by custom’ while neither of the two main sources of Muslim law, the Koran and the Sunnah, mention the practice of for example female genital mutilation, and most Islamic scholars agree that it is not an Islamic religious rite, the practice has become important to Islam because it is associated with Islam purity. Imagine how many enemies this pure Islam have: homosexuals, Jews, Hindus, Christians, which makes up 5 billion people. You only have to watch Memri TV their clips how widespread the hatred for ‘these others’, the infidels, women, atheists, deists goes. Talking about culture relativism? No thanks.

And regarding culture imperialism. I made my words in my comments of my friend Mustafa Akyol his contribution of Hurriyet Daily News of today. Yabanci means foreigner…must be clear who said what.
Here Mustafa his article and below my reaction:

Again, Mustafa, you fail to come up with some sentences based upon logical thinking. And again you try to cover up, on purpose, the real reasons which led to this ban and that is culture imperialism. You can read all the European newspapers of the last years and you will see than one after the other Islam group, most of the time financial supported by countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE etc., are trying to build the highest minaret. I shall spare you the details but take a look at the raids on the Milli Gorus offices last week because this Turkish Muslim group is involved in a huge fraud. They were the frontrunners to build the highest minarets in Amsterdam Cologne etc. First) Since when is Islam a race? Therefore you using the term ‘racism’ is senseless. What real racism is this: The Jewish race are not allowed to enter the ‘Holy’ country of Saudi Arabia. That would be the same as all Arabs for example are not allowed to enter Vatican City. That is racism. Second) You write down here that this ban is violation of religious freedom. Can you explain who’s religion is restricted in Europe by this ban? I am pretty sure that the ECHR will not overturn this. Third) Yes, democracy together with freedom of speech (remember the first amendment in the USA), human and women rights and justice are the highest values. Not the values set by self declared religious bigots who act as Übermensch to create a caliphate. Can you find me one Muslim country which have the above mentioned high values in their constitution and practices it? No, you cannot. Fourth) You complete ignore where all those fears for Islamization comes from…ask homosexuals, all the women in women shelters, people who left their religion the Islam behind them, ask artists, journalists, writers, comedians etc. in Europe who feel like many ordinary citizens who feel threatened day by day by the demonstrative and provocative presence of the Islam. They feel abandoned by their governments while they tried to build up a multi cultural and multi ethnic society. They know the answer! Fifth) That your PM cited a poem written 90 years ago is the best example that he still think that way now 10 years later. And last but not least, stop playing the victim. The world turns on and there is no global crisis as your Minister of Foreign Affairs stated. But take one lesson, only secularism and humanisme can safe this world, not religion, not from most variants from Islam neither from some reli-Christian fundamentalists in the USA. Kind regards

How To Be A Secular Humanist In Two Steps | Discovering Secular Humanism#links#links

How To Be A Secular Humanist In Two Steps Discovering Secular Humanism#links#links

Watching Big Brother

It is true, you have been recently inundated with increasingly intrusive video recorders, a lot of which are hidden from your view. So let’s say you are paranoid enough to do something about it, go get yourself a camera detector.

Using a two pronged approach to finding any hidden devices, the camera detector starts with a view through the detectors lens, as it bathes the room in IR light, at which time any hidden lenses should sppear. Next a the WiFi detector is activated, and you can determine just where the camera signal was being sent to.

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