Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just My Two Cents: Republicans Calling For "Purity Test" For Candidates

Just My Two Cents: Republicans Calling For "Purity Test" For Candidates

Turkey say NO to Wilders

Turkey has announced that a Dutch parliamentary delegation will not be welcome if it includes Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders. Turkish ministers and MPs will refuse to meet the entire delegation if Wilders is among them. A spokesperson for the Turkish foreign ministry says: “This man has racist ideas. We fear his presence would overshadow the visit”. The popular Turkish daily Aksam was the first to report the news on yesterday: “Tension over Mozart”, the paper’s headline read, apparently referring to the Freedom Party leader’s exotic hairdo.

Turkish government is embarrassed by the situation and already felt in the trap of Wilders in my opinion They realize that refusing to meet Wilders will allow the controversial politician to accuse Turkey of being undemocratic and unable to take criticism. However, the government fears a media hype would stir up the emotions of its Islamist supporters. Islamists many secularists in Turkey and Wilders are fighting against, how ironically…

The Dutch parliament is looking for a way out of the threatening dispute with Turkey. The parliamentary European Affairs Commission says it will cancel the visit - scheduled for the Christmas recess – if not all members of the delegation can be received by the Turkish authorities. Delegation leader and Labour Party MP Harm Evert Waalkens says he will refuse to make cuts to the agreed program.

In fact Wilders is back in his favorite role again. After his announcement last week that he would join a parliamentary delegation on a visit to Turkey, it was only a matter of time before a row broke out. And there we go now Turkey is unlikely to change its mind. ”Mr Wilders’ refusal (to cancel his intended visit, ed.) is a choice opportunity for the ruling AK Party, which has roots in political Islam, to show it cannot be trifled with. Wilders in turn will see his ideas confirmed. ‘The country is showing its true face, and it’s a dirty face. Turkey is an autocratic country which cannot even spell the word democracy… ” Instead of accusing Turkey he better could accuse the ruling AKP party..

In my opinion: If the mask falls the real face becomes visible. In other words if a holy book, The Qur’an in reality is used as political leaflet, is that not nice for those which are unmasked as a result; the AKP. Their strategy no longer works. A better complement cannot be made by the Turkish government to Geert Wilders.

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