Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ottoman Empire Runaway's.)!

Arab faces are omnipresent these days, but they’re typically featured more on the news regarding bombings than on runways. Several high-profile designers, however, chose to change the bias for their Spring 2010 menswear collections with a bit of Arab style.
It’s easy to sense the trace of the Ottoman Empire at John Galliano’s Spring 2010 menswear show, though its theme—Napoleon’s rise to power—sounds far more French. From the models’ dark skin to the loose layers, sand-colored shirts, dark brown belts, and red headscarves, all signs show a clear link to the desert, camels and tribes scattered throughout the Middle East centuries ago.  And these days...

Designer Dai Fujiwara was inspired by a trip to Turkey, so it’s no surprise to see gorgeous Turkish blue, unique pointy shoes and the Ottoman patterns in the line. And everything will be fine at the end.:)

Day Opening - November 23