Saturday, October 31, 2009

Married in a Palace.

Today no politics but simple some facts about our wedding in Turkey, my second home country.
As a participant of the World Surf Day, with the theme 'Holidays and Celebrations'...I will take you where Ö and I are married, a former Ottoman Palace: Ciragan palace!
Ciragan Palace, on the back ground, and Ciragan hotel - the view upon their swimming pool - are close connected. Only the Palace is accesible for sightseeing or marriage!
Ciragan palace from the Bosphorus view. And we had that for one day. If you marry there, the wedding suite is for you.

They say that Ciragan Palace belongs to the 10-top hot-spots for marriage...could be!

The main entrance, from the Bosphorus. In our case, the exit for a 3 hour boat trip over the Bosphorus after the wedding and Cocktail Prolongé.

I must admit that it was some kind of fairy-tale wedding in enchanting and exotic Istanbul! So we didn't need a honeymoon.
FYI: Only Civil Ceromonies are legally recognised in Turkey. So, a representative of the local government came over to the palace. We didn't had to go to the city hall.
This procedure takes at last approximattely 5 to 10 minutes. And the ceremony is conducted in Turkish. The only thing I had to say was 'Evet' means 'Yes'.
In contrary to common belief abroad, a Relegious marriage is not legal in Turkey, only with a civil Ceromony.
In the seven and half years that I live in Turkey, I never heard of a Religious wedding of one of our friends.
Lately, a wedding in Turkey become popular. I understand why.)!
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And thank you Sher of Czechoffthebeatenpath for again organizing this WorldBlogSurfDay!!!

(for privacy reasons no pictures of our wedding here)

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