Monday, October 26, 2009

Burglars also have rights!?

A burglar in the Netherlands has complained to the Lawbreakers Union (BOW) - no, this is not a joke, it does exist - that police in county of Drente violated his right to privacy after a video of him breaking into the home of an 88-year-old woman in Emmen was uploaded onto the internet.

The Lawbreakers Union, which works to protect the rights of prisoners, former prisoners and suspects (...), has officially complained to the national Dutch ombudsman. A BOW spokesperson tells the paper, "The man in the film says this is out of all proportion. He says he did go into the house but that this shouldn't be allowed".

One of the residents of the house hung cameras up after a series of break-ins and when they realised they had caught someone ransacking the house, they handed the videotape to the police. In an attempt to catch the thief, police put the video on YouTube. The BOW says "it's not clear if he actually stole anything and the police response is out of all proportion to the crime".
Please, your opinion...

Day Opening - October 26

The Historic Centre of Riga, Latvia, boasts the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe. Between 1896 and 1913, the city expanded and a housing boom followed. The style which developed in Riga was influenced mainly by German, Austrian and Finnish architects. Mikhail Eisenstein is one of the most famous proponents of the style in Riga. After the revolution of 1905 a distinctively Latvian variation of Art Nouveau developed, known as National Romanticism. Architects started to use traditional Latvian folk elements and natural building materials. Typical elements were steep roofs, heavy structures and the use of ethnographic ornamental motifs.