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EU - Turkey report 2009: bad news!

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My Queen visits my Country

I found the links of the serie of articles I wrote as guest columnist for Turkish Daily news between 2007 and 2008. Today no. 4.

My queen visits my country

Thursday, March 1, 2007
Hans A.H.C. DE WIT *

As a Dutch man living in Turkey, the visit of my queen here is highly symbolic. First I should drop a note to other Dutch men and women who will be accompanying Her Majesty and thus visiting Turkey soon: Don't fear the taxi drivers. They are my best friends in Istanbul. They don't act like the “Taliban” – the common nickname for the taxi drivers in Amsterdam – instead they treat you with respect. Yesterday I took a cab; it cost me just 4 YTL and before I left the car, the driver told me to wait. Then he suddenly walked around to open my door. Yes, before my queen arrived in Istanbul, I was treated like royalty here.

Few people have noticed that Turkey and the Netherlands have had diplomatic relations for almost 400 years. These relations were never strained after the signing of an agreement in 1612. And, in the 18th century, they looked quite similar to each other in an interesting way: Both thought that they were masters of their time. The Dutch thought that they ruled the world, since they were the bosses of the seas. Hence they still call the 18th century their “Golden Age.” Similarly the Ottomans thought at the time that they were the very center of civilization.

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