Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do you think I'm stupid?

Almost every day I receive one of these emails:

From: joy goldynel

How are you ,I know this email will come to you as a suprise but please i want you to bear in mind that i mean not to control or force you,just a kind help i need from you.But the point now is that I have a problem that is really disturbing me, My Name Miss joy 23 years old, iam a daughter of Late Dr Goldynel Harahh , the onwer of (Sutuk shiping company and Joy Oil ) during his life time,You see I am from Sudan in africa .Before my father's death,then we were having our father told me that he deposited some money( $1.5 millon dollars) in the Bank which am the beneficiary,after his death i managed to ran away from my country to Senegal as a refugee.But the Bank where the money was deposited said that I should look for a good person who will help me to claim the money that they can not deal with me because of my status,my age being a refugee , The man that the Reveren connected me to,said that , the only way he could help me, that i will give him 25% of the total fund after everything is done. but he said that it shall be confidencial between us. the Man who was supposed to help me transfer the money in to his account,later came back and demanded 30 percent;i disagreed to give him thirty percentage. So i am asking you to help me and contact the bank now ,on how to transfer this fund in to your account that you will provide,so that after everything you will come and get me out from this place. what i need mainly now is your tel number and address so that I shall send you the deposited certificate and bank contact.And my plans that as soon everything is ok you will help me to establish a good business and manage it for me as well,then i can continue my studies over there in your country,Call me with this number 00221-763309647it belong to one of the Reverened Father here in the camp , when you call their will send for me in the female hostel .
I shall be waiting to hear from you
Regards and God bless
Miss Joy.

Day Opening - October 7

The Free State and beatnik factory at Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, has always been more than just a hash supplier to enthusiastic Copenhageners. And it still is, now that the hash market has been considerably reduced. In fact, Christiania is one of he city’s biggest tourist attractions with such a long list of stories and attractions that a single visit can only give a taste of the 34 hectare area with its 1,000 inhabitants. Wear sensible shoes and enjoy the green areas, the many strange buildings and discover the Buddhist Stupa, the riding club, the Månefiskeren café, the ecological vegetarian restaurant Morgenstedet, Sunshine Bakery, the women’s smithy, the famous Christiania bikes, art ateliers and much more. Be aware of the fact that there are a lot of dogs off the leash.