Friday, September 18, 2009

Armenians and those Bloody Turks!

The Armenian Democide issue is a sensitive one. Both for Armenians as Turks as well! I’m not going to discuss here if those claims are true (above all, this is a matter between Armenians and Turks, not foreigners) but how some ultranationalists perceive ‘the other’. More preciciously (since we already know how Turks (ultra) nationalists are caught in their narrow mindness) how many Armenians looks at Turks in general. And it makes me furious how some Armenians (especially the young ones) have a deep grounded hate for everything what is Turk(ish), which disturbing attitude is as much insane as when I should hold every German responsible for what they did to my country, family and kinsmen! Is my wife, are my friends, my in-laws responsible? No. The state apparatski of Turkey probably. In this I follow the well respected Prof. Dr. Eric Jan Zurcher who in June 2005 was awarded the Medal of High Distinction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. He simple acknowledge the ‘Armenian genocide’ but that a joint commission would be a disaster and at the same time he said ‘stop portraying Turks as evil’.
Today I came across another good article of ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ, about whom I wrote last week. Here some excerpts;

I am not a religious person. I am not Kurdish. I am not gay. I am not Christian. I am not Armenian. I am not Roma. But I have spent all my life defending these people's rights.
I am a human rights defender. When I describe myself, I say I am a human rights defender, a lawyer and a writer. It was during my first time in London in 1998 that I realized, no matter what I do, I was a “bloody Turk” for some people. Ironically, I was working for the Kurdish Human Right Project there, and we were taking cases to the European Court of Human Rights, as a result of which I felt deeply threatened by the deep state elements in my country. When I met with the Armenian community in London, I turned into a representative of Turkey. It was the first time my “Turkishness” took precedence over all my qualifications.

The massacres of Armenians were carried out by a certain mindset, by a political movement. Unfortunately, this political movement also created the official Turkish history, one in which there is no place for Armenians. And the state is in complete denial of what happened in Turkey in the past. This denial unfortunately gives strong support to a racist approach toward Turkey and its people.

It is very unfortunate that some Armenians, while believing they are seeking justice, have turned into hopeless racists. They do not want to believe that there are many good people in this country. They do not want to remember that there were also Turks who lost their lives while trying to protect Armenians. They hold tightly on to this image of the “bloody Turk.” Every Turk, every individual living in Turkey, is just a murderer for them.

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Statement #22

It’s easier to proof that something exist than that something doesn’t exist.

Some depressing facts about Turkish Justice

ECHR: 9 out of 10 Cases in Turkey Unjust.

Out of a total of 97,300 cases in the hands of the ECHR 11.4 percent are from Turkey. 1,676 out of 1939 cases from Turkey are concerned with violations of the European Convention. In 50 years only 37 decisions taken by Turkish courts were justified by the ECHR.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) celebrates its 50th year after its foundation in 1959. The ECHR gave an overview about the cases tried before the European court between 1959 and 1 January 2009 and announced a "pride report" for Turkish courts.

50. kuruluş yıldönümünü kutlayan İnsan Hakları Mahkemesi (AİHM), kurulduğu 1959 yılından 1 Ocak 2009 tarihine kadar "süren yargılamalar" ile ilgili durumu aktarırken Türkiye yargısının "gurur karnesi"ni de açıkladı.

The ECHR filed its first decision on 14 November 1960 regarding "Lawless-Ireland". On 18 September 2008 the court decided its 10,000th case. Since 1 January 2009 the court has 97,300 application files to deal with. Half of these cases are concerned with complaints from Turkey, Russia and Romania.

11.4 percent of all ECHR files are from Turkey

Applications from Turkey account for 11.4 percent of all ECHR cases. 47 countries with a total population of 800 million people are members of the European Council. Within this group only Turkey fulfills a ratio of 11,300 complaints out of a population of 70 million people.

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