Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clampdown on Import brides to the Netherlands

The Dutch Christian Democrat party, senior partner in the ruling coalition, wants to tighten immigration restrictions on so-called ‘import brides’.
Men with roots in Morocco and Turkey, and increasingly Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, frequently marry women from their country of origin since they are more raised traditionally, who then join them in the Netherlands, causing huge integration problems. Most of these women are barely educated and never went abroad before.
Restrictions on obtaining a residence permit to join a spouse in the Netherlands were already tightened in 2004. Both partners now have to be over 21, and the partner coming to the Netherlands has to have a sustainable independent income of at least 120 percent of the minimum wage.
Moreover, would-be immigrants have to pass a Dutch language and culture test, referred to as the Civic Integration Examination, before actually leaving their own country, or having set foot in the Netherlands. They are required to study Dutch in their own country and take a computerised test by telephone, and answer questions in Dutch on a film depicting Dutch society.
However, Mr Van Geel told de Volkskrant newspaper that the civic integration test abroad has a 95 percent pass rate. Claiming that inner city Dutch neighbourhoods are unable to cope with a flood of ‘import brides’, he says the test should be made more difficult. He also proposes barring entry to marriage migrants who have no professional qualifications. Following the advice of most Dutch political parties from the right to the left with the exeption of Labor.
The USA is more strict than most West European countries regarding integration: only well educated people are able to emigrate to America.

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An Angel Suddenly Slipped Away
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Mehmet Güleryüz / Turkey

Arash's World: Sophistry, Flattery, Art and Philosophy in a Commercial World

Arash's World: Sophistry, Flattery, Art and Philosophy in a Commercial World