Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Europe wealthier than North America

Europe replaced North America as the world’s richest region last year as measured by assets under management, a survey by the Boston Consulting Group said.
North America, defined as the U.S. and Canada, had $29.3 trillion in assets under management, compared with $32.7 trillion in Europe in 2008, according to the survey released Tuesday by the Boston-based firm. Japan’s global wealth is No. 3 with $13.5 trillion.

The biggest drop, started in September 2008, occurred in North America, where wealth plunged 22 percent, according to the survey. The second-biggest decline was Japan, where wealth fell almost 8 percent in local currencies. Latin America, defined by the survey as Mexico, South America and Central America, was the only region where wealth grew, by 3 percent.

A couple of years ago I watched an US TV program where they interviewed residents of NYC with the question if Canada is part of North America. Many people had to think deep and many simple said NO..)!!

Back on earth

Thought last Sunday that I was back to square 1; used for almost one week daily the anti-biotic Alevox, and two injections of Novosef a day, together with painkillers and some medicines for my lunges. I can tell you that this all together is pretty heavy stuff. And I felt pretty high and stoned. But it caused also side effects such as dizziness and wanted to sleep all the time. Made a mistake probably the first week by while using these medicines, I was walking around instead of staying in bed as the doctor prescribed. So started again with both drugs last Sunday for a couple of days and this time I stayed in bed. Didn’t had much energy to do something, but I slept pretty much all day long.
Dutch hospitals and other European health centers are not easy with prescribing drugs, in contrary with here in Turkey and in the USA, as I’m talking from my own experiences. I don’t know which the best is, but too many medicines are not that good for your immune system and liver. Anyway it looks like that I’m back on my feet, so Gung HO!
I didn’t reply for almost 2 weeks to one email. Don’t worry, that will come later. And regarding the flooding, we are living far away from the disaster zone!

Day Opening - September 16

Photo shot at the 'Tea Party' last week in Washington DC.