Monday, September 7, 2009

Turkish health care: in general underrated.

Some of the readers who follow this blog closely know that the last year I was regularly absent due to flu. Recently 5 weeks ago; flu came and went away, but several days later the same. I thought it was the heat, humidity combined with my disturb immune system (read; long emphysema). In April I did a quick check up at a private clinic and everything was okay, tough, they didn’t look at my lunges.
Last Friday I went to a friend who happens to be a medical doctor. The first he said to me was ‘you don’t belong here, you belong in a hospital’. In fact, the 15 meters from my car to his front door was already a torture. Anyway, went to the ER of the Florence Nightingale Hospital here in Istanbul,. Within 5 minutes a bunch of nurses and doctors around me, doing test after test. The last one a computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan. And on that they could diagnose me with a severe double pneumonia and a bacterial infection. A pneumonia which gradually developed to a serious and severe infection. I remember that the American Hospital in Istanbul (only ‘American’ in name) me two years diagnosed me with lung cancer which they later withdrew…and some other bad experiences there in contrary with a German Hospital or even state hospitals!
Anyway, I was impressed by how this ER works and helped me the last 4 days: a quick and good service! Definitely, Turkish healthcare system proved to be reliable and it works quickly.
The last time that I had to go to the ER was when I lived in Miami 8 years ago and was beaten by an insect and my arms became red. I went to one of the best Miami hospitals their ER…and more than 50 people were waiting in a messy waiting room. No thank you! I called my doctor in the Netherlands, who told me what to do. That is not necessary here!

Note: I didn't do that much the last days, also because family was over. And there are a lot of unanswered emails...

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