Monday, August 31, 2009

Turkish sensationalism - Journalism

It looks like that I am not the only Dutch in Turkey who is disturbed by the sensationalistic and prejudice Turkish press. No matter if they are Zaman, Hurriyet or Cumhuriyer. They all show some ignorance when it comes to foreign relations. Or do they play the nationalistic card; the faults made when Turks are involved are always caused by foreigners; Turks don’t make any mistakes, so simple is that. Remember the terrible crash of Turkish Airlines in Amsterdam dd. 25.02.09 which killed nine people and around 80 injured? It was the fault of the Dutch, the wind, Boeing etc. In the end, an independent commission reached to the conclusion that it was the fault of the crew, which was not prepared. But the crew was already buried in Turkey with honor and grace. No word in the Turkish press that it was Turkish Airlines its fault, to keep the spirit high I guess.
To the point; most of the Turkish media reported lately a raise in Islamphobia in the Netherlands; 3 Turks were killed and this was the result of racism. The murders were Dutch even before the police ended their investigations. But what was the result of this investigation? They all were murdered by fellow Turks. One, the well known Turkish Dutch owner of a day care is supposedly killed by a Turkish homeless guy. The other two, by Turkish gangs.
Here what a fellow Dutch wrote in Radikal, an excerpt:

In the meantime, I wish those same Turkish newspapers would make it clear to their readers that it was very unfortunate that they had jumped to conclusions. In the future, I hope that each incident in Europe related to Islamophobia and involving Turks will be highlighted in the Turkish media and strongly condemned by politicians in Turkey and abroad. But I also hope that incidents without any demonstrable link with racism or xenophobia are presented as they should. As tragic events that are a part of life that, be it reluctantly, we are obliged to accept.

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