Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fortis Bank Turkey

I was closely involved regarding PR and advertisement with Fortis Bank Turkey in 2005, which had by then a liaison office only. Fortis bank was a Dutch/Belgium bank. And Fortis Turkey was focused on corporate clients, not consumer banking. Prior to their acquisition of Turkish Disbank in April 2005 I warned them of bad publicity when you do mass communication. When they announced the acquisition, a media frenzy was created; this was the major bank acquisition in Turkish history and Fortis paid 4.5 billion for this small Turkish bank. With the takeover my contacts vanished and I saw that Fortis made a ‘Turkish turn’: spend as much as you can on mass communication and everything will be alright. How wrong. The 30 million € ad and PR campaign didn’t bring the wanted results. And not that much later Fortis bank almost bankrupt. The Dutch part was bailed out and the Belgium part, Turkey is part of that, is going through difficult times. But it looks that they didn’t learn from their previous mistakes:
the Turkish ad for Fortis Bank, see above, which promotes their plastic surgery loans with a typical before and after picture of a young woman with the tagline, “You get the credit, another one pays for it” is tasteless.
This is in my opinion very irresponsible to target young women and tempt them with vanity. Plus, they are going to pay for it eventually, aren’t they?
The ad was created by ad agency Gram İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey with photography by Murat Suyur.
Fortis didn't learn from their mistakes!


Next week my younger sister and my brother-in-law will visit Turkey for the first time. I'm probably not able to write a post or drop an EC.
Now the holidays are over, hope that our co bloggers of Greece will write more..)! Shall make a wake-up call to them.)!
There is an interesting discussion going on on a previous post about the Cultural Heritage of Turkey/Religion. Just enjoy and participate...

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