Friday, August 28, 2009

Segregation, discrimination, fraud etc. at Dutch Islamic schools in the Netherlands

The Dutch education system is unique in the world. See how it works here. Families can choose where their kids go to primary and elementary school and the government subsidies different types of schools – traditional (called independent non-religious, public), Montessori, Steiner, but also Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu and Muslim. However, 86 percent of the Muslim schools have misused government funds. Some examples: Fake names on the payroll; entire schools taking trips abroad with school funds – trips to Mecca; school boards fired for incompetence etc. Just a few of the problems the government has found at Islamic Schools in the Netherlands. Also a recent report from the Dutch Ministry of Education says that half of the 42 Islamic primary schools in the Netherlands don't meet the minimum education standard. Everybody takes the same test at the end!

Now earlier this week an Islamic school, As Siddieg, which is believed to impede social integration as children of different religions are encouraged not to mingle will lose part of its funding from the government as it has not done enough to integrate its pupils into society. The school also failed to respect basic values of democracy.
As Siddieq, which runs three schools in Amsterdam's De Baarsjes, Noord and Zeeburg quarters, has been given until 1 March to introduce improvements or risk losing part of the government funding. And the Amsterdam city councilor Lodewijk Asscher, who is in charge of education, also withdrew the municipal subsidy to As Siddieq as he has lost confidence in the school board. Now the governing board of this Islamic school in Amsterdam is taking the local government to court over the loss of its funding, reports (the reduce funding to As-Siddieq school group is € 200.000, five percent of the Amsterdam school’s total subsidies of 4.5 million)! Now, these Orthodox Islamic schools treat Dutch teachers who are not Muslims as inferior beings. They have to have their meals separately and cannot be greeted in the same way as Muslims, says former teacher, Hennie Metsemakers of As Siddieq school in Amsterdam. She was suspended by the school a year and a half ago because she spoke of religions other than Islam in the lessons. "I had drawn a timeline and shown the most important events of a number of beliefs on it." Not only was that forbidden, but she was also ordered to teach the children that Christianity would be abolished in the end, all other religions would disapear and everybody will convert to Islam. Other teachers had already left the As Siddieq school due to the extremely orthodox attitude of its management. The board succeeded in imposing the orthodox signature on all staff members, even though half the team consists of non-Muslim teachers.
Non-Muslim teachers at As Siddieqschool and other schools are treated kindly, but not as full-value colleagues. Metsemakers had gone to work at the school full of integration ideals. "The leadership was attentive and nice, but turned out to have a hidden agenda. In the breaks, we had to eat separately. We were not allowed to be greeted in the same way as Muslim teachers, not with the word salaam, peace, because non-Muslims cannot know what peace is’ and the school wants to teach children that they are not allowed to be friends with non-believers. "Only Muslims can after all be good people."...good to know...

You can ask what for example Catholic schools are doing. I went in the late sixties and early seventies of the last century to a Catholic elementary and high school. I got one hour a week education in religion in general. That’s all. But no wonder that in 10 years time the Dutch educational system dropped from its 2nd position worldwide to the 9th place…

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