Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rariq Ramadan (the case part 2) Islam in Europe

Two days ago I wrote that Tariq Ramadan, the city counselor for Rotterdam regarding integration issues went too far as a Iranian state sponsored presentator of the ‘Life & Islam’ London based news broadcaster. Yesterday he was finally fired and his quest lecture ship at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam also stopped immediately. And this is good news. Where ever he goes, the UK, USA, France etc. he leaves a trace of controversy behind him. He’s is not a bridge builder, but more a divider. His anti women, anti homosexual, anti Jewish views are clear. His position within the Islam not. While most Arab countries consider him a treacherous and dangerous, he was a welcome quest in West Europe, until someone found his real motives in France, the USA and now the Netherlands (the UK have still that way to go). Most commentators, from the left to the right welcomed this decision which was made public and fully endorsed by the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, he himself a Muslim. Since Tariq Ramadan doesn’t like critics he decided to take the city of Rotterdam to court since ‘his respect and honor’ was damaged. Yes, he himself is integrated pretty well.
Here an opinion piece by Afshin Ellia, a columnist for the Dutch NRC Handelsblad and a professor of law at Leiden university. He fled his native Iran in 1983.


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