Monday, August 17, 2009

The case Tariq Ramadan

Lately, I see columnists in Turkey referring to Tariq Ramadan as some kind of savior for Islam in Europe. They see in him some kind of scout to make the ground fertile for political Islam in West Europe. What they don’t know (or don’t want to know) is that Tariq Ramadan is a highly controversial public figure in the Netherlands, France, the USA, and the UK and everywhere he stayed. The guy moved around quite a bit; from Egypt to Switzerland, from there to France, the US and Britain followed by his current ‘home country’ the Netherlands. But sooner or later someone digs up quotes from his tapes as proof of his "Jeckyl and Hyde" identity. In the Netherlands, Ramadan was earlier this year hired by the city of Rotterdam to "help lift the multicultural dialogue to a higher level". He is also a guest lecturer at Rotterdam's Erasmus University. Yes, he’s seen as a bridge builder between the non-Muslim Dutch and the Muslims of Rotterdam (mainly immigrants), but the guy doesn’t speak one word Dutch…

Ramadan has been accused of having been a "double discourse", one for Muslims and one for non-Muslims. The French journalist Caroline Fourest described Tariq Ramadan in her 2006 book Frère Tariq (brother Tariq). Fourest argues that Ramadan has a moderate discourse for Western consumption, and a radical one buried inside Arabic-spoken tapes that are widely distributed in immigrant communities throughout Europe. For example: in 2003 TV debate with then French prime minister Nicolas Sarkozy during which Ramadan said he favored a "moratorium" on the stoning of adulterous women, he stopped short of condemning the practice outright.

In 2004, he was forced to give up his tenure at Notre Dame University in Indiana after the US authorities denied him entry because of a 1,300 dollar contribution to an organization with links to Hamas. This is on the terrorist list both in the USA as the EU as well.

Heres some recently made statements: "Allah has an important rule: if you try to attract attention through your manner or the use of perfume, through your appearance or gestures, you are not on the right spiritual path." (women) And: "When walking in the streets austerity requires that you always cast you eyes down to the pavement." (women) On homosexuality Ramadan said: "God has established norms and the norm is that a man is meant for a woman and a woman is meant for a man." Homosexuality is not allowed and in Islam means that the death!

Last week Now, the Dutch Socialist Party and other parties called for Ramadan's resignation because of his collaboration with the Iranian state TV station Press TV. Ramadan has been hosting a weekly talk show on the English-language Press TV titled 'Islam & Life'. The ruling Labour party has also said that Ramadan's work for Press TV affects his credibility, and has asked the city executive for clarification. Ramadan proves once more that he has a "double agenda":on the payroll of the dictatorial regime of [Iranian president Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, while at the same time he preaches tolerance in Rotterdam. It’s time that this clown moves to a place where he can implement his Sharia duties instead on non-Muslims. Ramadan is at the moment on a long holiday in Mauretania. Enjoy it there!

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