Sunday, August 2, 2009

The O'Retard factor

Anchor man or show bizz guy?

Bill O'Reilly is a smart guy. He attracts a lot of people who fall for his obscenity, lies, manipulations, smear campaigns etc. And he is doing that all for the money.
Quoting him: "Amsterdam is a cesspool of corruption. Everything is out of control, it’s anarchy", a sidekick of Fox News which he said during a broadcast in December 2008.

By showing smudgy images of Amsterdam's red light district over negative commentary - "It's a moral disaster" -, O'Reilly wanted to make his viewers believe that Amsterdam has turned into a modern equivelant of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I think that O'Reilly never visited a major USA city which is 10 times more corrupt, dangerous, and out of control. O'Reilly, the hero of hypocrit America...

Here the article, video and respons (video) of a Dutch TV journalist. Enjoy.

'First Wives Club' includes Emine Erdogan

The United States First Lady Michelle Obama joins twelve other first ladies of world leaders in a portrait in the last July 2009 issue of British Vogue.
The ‘First Wives Club’ portrait was shot by Mario Testino during the G20 summit in April 2009.
The featured first wives are, from left to right, as follows: Ban Soon-taek (United Nations), Laureen Harper (Canada), Chikako Aso (Japan), Gursharan Kaur (India), Kim Yoon-ok (South Korea), Michelle Obama (US), Sarah Brown (UK), Margarite Zavala (Mexico), Svetlana Medvedeva (Russia), Emine Erdogan (Turkey), Theresa Rein (Australia), Margarida Barroso (European Commission), and Pimpen Vejjajiva (Thailand).

Day Opening - August 2

A good taste of
(shot during Octoberfeste, Munich)