Friday, July 31, 2009

A forced but enjoyable break.

It was December 2004 when I met an on line friend here in Istanbul where he was one of the key speakers on a symposium about New Media and Society. He worked for the BBC for more than 20 years and was now located in the Netherlands but his lectures brought him all over the world. We decided to meet and I showed him Istanbul and we had some wonderful chats. And then he introduced me to the world of blogging. He created Internations Musings since he knew that my company in the USA was called Internations. He created a template and that was it. It took me 1 year to get really excited and 2 years to see the numerous possibilities blogging has to offer. Since that day in December 2004, 2.425 entries are posted, whereof +/- 400 by guest writers and co bloggers. More than 2.000 posts…that can be a complete book if edited well, I was thinking last week.
Now some discouraging facts: 120,000 blogs are being created everyday and every second 1.4 blogs are being created. Of these 3000-7000 are fake blogs, splogs, that are simply created to generate ad revenue. 1.5 million new posts appear every day that means 17 posts per second. But an encouraging fact is that more and more people creating blogs means more and more people are finding a channel to communicate. Even if less than 1% of these bloggers actually blog, I think it can make a very big difference in how the world thinks and how opinions are formed. Whether it is corporate PR or social activism blogging renders voice to those who want to reach out but till now had no tool to do so.
That bloggers from one blogger ‘community’ hardly communicate with bloggers from another community, is disappointing, but still, small bridges are built and connections are made. For instance Internations communicate amids Turkish, Greek, American, Dutch, African, British etc bloggers, religious bloggers, Mom’s bloggers, political bloggers and social bloggers and I think Internations is not an exception. There could be similar one-to-many and many-to-many interactions happening around the blogosphere.

Back to last week. I was checking Internations Googles PageRanks, which is steady 4, Alexa’s ranking is around 95.000 (out of more than 1 billion sites and blogs) and was ready to give myself some break. The following morning, Sunday, I woke up early. Had some breakfast and suddenly PENG, out of the blue a panic attack, which kept me in bed for 6 days. Therefore, last week not postings of me.

Day Opening - July 31

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