Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life as an expat in Turkey (II)

Last week I wrote an entry about being an expat in Turkey. If I read it back, I miss some parts of my life in Turkey since 2002. I wrote only about expats and expatriates as friends, but if I look at the diversity of Turkish friends I can count on, that’s enormous. Colleague’s of 2002, 03, 04, 05 became friends until to this very day in July 2009. I worked three times for a Turkish company, and was treated well, with some positive discrimination on the side line which I had to eliminate quickly. That there are different work ethics in Turkey than in Europe is a fact. Turks are in general the hardest working people I met, but because the system is based upon an education of memorizing and answering questions only, you will find yourself often in an awkward position; people will but are often not empowered to solve solutions on their own. And I have some kind of ‘anarcho-syndicalist’ work approach, which means: everything comes from the bottom.
Four years ago I stopped working for Turkish bosses and nowadays I only work with them. I cannot always say that the Dutch are such a wonderful people to work for and with since they have often an attitude: ‘we know everything better’, especially abroad, and want maximum service for minimum wages…
My favorites are still the British and Italians and in fact the Turks as well as they are opening more up these days.
I think I had luck in many ways as I see how many foreigners are struggling and this article, why elderly British are leaving, makes it more than sad.

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