Friday, July 3, 2009

Sharia courts in West Europe?!

Earlier this week, Denis MacEoin, author of ‘Shariah Law or One Law for all’ and member of the British independent think-thank Civitas, wrote in a press release that around 85 sharia courts are operating in the UK. According MacEoin is this inappropriate to the UK because they are linked to elements in Islamic law that are seriously out of step with trends in Western legislation that derive from the values of the Enlightenment and are inherent in modern codes of human rights. Sharia rulings contain great potential for controversy and may involve acts contrary to UK legal norms and human rights legislation according MacEoin.

‘’Sharia law is a distillation of rulings that purport to represent the divine diktat in all worldly affairs. It provides injunctions for the conduct of criminal, public and even international law. Marriage and divorce, the custody of children, alimony, sexual impropriety and much else come within its remit. Sharia courts claim authority over the private lives of individuals in a way that is contrary to the British tradition where, as David Green points out in his introduction, 'in our legal system no punishments can be applied to individuals who fail to live up to religious requirements'.

You can read the full press release here.

Today the Dutch Minister of Justice decided to start in investigation in the Netherlands if there are Sharia courts operating in the Netherlands as well. There is already a trend towards ‘parallel societies’ where Non-Western immigrants often with a Muslim background live a separate life.

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