Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Dutch prisons serve only Halal food

In significant Dutch prisons, the inmates get Islamic food, whether they are Muslim or not. For cost cutting reasons the Dutch Justice Ministry signed contracts where the suppliers only deliver Halal food (for example: meat of ritually slaughtered animals. And having two different meals, one for Muslims and one for Non-Muslims (what about vegetarians...) was found too expensive. So in the end, prisoners who are non-Muslims (atheists, Christians, Hindus etc.) had to bow for the demand of their fellow Muslim detainees since pork was completely removed from the menu since these animals are considered impure by Islam.
This issue came to light in a court case by the Dutch lawyer S. van Bergen Henegouwe who on behalf on his client, a prisoner in Sittard, complained that he was forced to eat halal. He sees this as an extra punishment and he don’t want to have a religion inflicted on him; he simple wants to eat Dutch meatballs (kofte)!
He demands 25 euro in damages for every halal meal he has to eat, and he’s right. I simple don’t have words for people who don’t act ‘halal’ and therefore ends up in a prison and there they demand to eat halal…

The Dutch Ministry of Justice announced, last week Friday, after ‘a day of intensive study’, that pork will soon be served in Sittard again. The Justice Ministry will check whether there are more prison which are only served halal food. According to a spokesperson last Saturday, the starting point must be that the choice of menu is not specified by religious fellow prisoners. .According to the justice ministry the menu in the prison was limited to halal food since it was more practical, and they lost sight that religious prisoners should not be deciding the menu for other prisoners. This does not mean that halal food will disappear from the menu since a prisoner has a right to be able to follow his religious prescriptions…and so for…maybe Water and Bread only is the solution. Interesting fact is that around 40% of the prisoners are of Muslim origin whereas the population of the Netherlands consists of only 6% Muslims.

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