Saturday, June 27, 2009

Micky Mouse in Saudi Arabia and Chess in Iraq

It’s unlikely a Disneyland will make its way to Saudi any time soon. A leading Saudi cleric says Mickey Mouse must die for the good of Islam. The sheik says the mice are the agents of Satan and that all mice, from house mouses to Mickey Mouses, must be exterminated.

The same sheik also said last year that the Beijing Olympics should have been titled ‘the bikini Olympics’ and denounced the outfits worn by athletes as well as issuing a fatwa against the games.
Al-Munajid’s aversion to sports is not new. In 2005 he denounced soccer, saying the short pants worn by players “reveal nakedness.” He called for a ban on women’s sports and public exercise as to do so would require them to don “tight fitting, short” tunics that were offensive to Muslim decorum.
Chess in Iraq.
Christianity and Islam long disputed if the chess game is okay to play. Judaism never prohibited it (therefore so many world champions Chess are Jewish).
While Christianity already long time ago allowed their followers to play the game; within Islam it’s still highly disputed, is it Halal?
Iraq’s most important grand ayatollah Ali Al-Hoessein al-Sistani denounced the game: its forbidden to play.
The Dutch writer and former professional chess player Tim Krabbe wanted to know more: he sent Al-Sistani an email with the question: ‘It's not allowed to play chess. But is it allowed to compose chess problems and solve them?’
Within a couple of days he got his answer: ‘Indeed, playing chess is not allowed according the Most Highly ‘but compose and solve chess problems are considered haram by the Urf (habits) since it’s not a game’...confused? I am.

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Revolutionary Road...: Latest News & Videos From Tehran!#links#links#links#links

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