Sunday, June 21, 2009

Revolutionary Road...: All we want is a better world!

Revolutionary Road...: All we want is a better world!

Is lawful Islamism by or itself a threat for the West?

You can ask yourself if the slogan "radical Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution" is an answer to some of the Islamist organizations in Europe. Then the slogan, which currently dominate the debate: 'Is there a rampant Islamophobia in Europe, or only an attempt at gradual Islamization' is a fair assesment.

I heard to often that there is an anti-Muslim bias in European society, which makes any discussion impossible. But I'm sure about one thing, many European institutions fails to distinguish between the socio-economic concerns of Muslim immigrants in Europe and the well-funded, ideological organizations that purport to speak for them. Often from Saudie Arabia and Iran. But also from Turkey: the National View of Erbakan is doing pretty well in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

While people in Turkey (still) are discussing if a woman can wear a heads carve at Universities (no), the Netherlands face more interesting strange and unsuited behavior of Muslims.

You have in the Netherlands Muslim leaders (imams) with the Dutch nationality who rejects to shake hands with women even if it is the Dutch Minister for Integration.

You have female Muslims who don’t want to be treated by male doctors; they simple demand a male doctor even if it is in a critical situation.

There are certain places where women and men are separated for information (municipalities). A modern theater in the city of Rotterdam did an experiment with special rows of seats reserved for women only.
And there are Moslem apothecary who simple refuse to give the morning after pill or condoms to anyone. There are Moslem doctors who refuses to treat AIDS patients and Muslim medicine students who refuse to do a part of the curriculum because that is in fight with their belief…
As it’s almost impossible to be critical of Islam, you will be threatened as a result of your critical mind, hence Islam requires submission which is completely contrary to the Greco-Roman way of thinking of the European world.
We also have municipality civil servants who simple refuse to shake hands with the opposite sex.

Ans a lawyer who refuse to stand up for a judge when he/she enters the courtroom with the simple motive that 'before Allah everybody is equal, so why shall I stand up?'

There are female teachers and other government civil servants, who, during their work represent Islam by carrying their headscarves.
And museums who take away paintings and photographs of the partition, which can be ‘offensive’ for Muslims, only out of fear for the response of Moslems.
And the Netherland become a country where posters of traditional nudes can no longer hang in the underground railway stations. Yes. That’s all happening in the Netherlands.
Today a Dutch newspaper made us aware how far the creepy Islamization; a girl wanted a female photographer to take her picture. Is this ‘religious apartheid’?

I think if only a small portion of the above mentioned happened in Turkey, the army will stage a coup.

Don’t think that it’s the Dutch political party the PVV of G. Widers who makes the Dutch aware about the above mentioned trend. No, it’s the liberal Dutch feminist Muslim of Egyptian origin, Nahed Salim, who describes the creepy İslamization in Europe.
She once stated: 'there is no moderate Islam, but there are moderated Muslims'!

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