Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The situation in Iran (cartoon)


E-readiness high in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has risen to third place on the e-readiness rankings for 2009. US is the global e-readiness leader and Switzerland is the European leader.
This is reflected in the annual list of the Economist Intelligence Unit and IBM, which was published Wednesday.
Last year the Netherlands was at the seventh place of international competitive positions in the ICT field. The research shows a clear upward trend of the Dutch competitive position since 2001.

E-Readiness is the ability to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop one’s economy and to foster one’s welfare.
Each year, in cooperation with the IBM Institute for Business Value, the Economist Intelligence Unit produces a ranking of e-readiness across countries, based on six pillars of e-readiness: connectivity & technology infrastructure, business environment, social & cultural environment, legal environment, government policy & vision and consumer & business adoption.

Netherlands is doing very well in the field of connectivity and technology infrastructure. Its associated with Switzerland in the first place. The Netherlands is second in terms of legal issues and our country scores well on ICT use by consumers and businesses.
E-readiness continues to advance across the globe. Indeed, the average e-readiness score of the 70 countries in this year’s rankings improved for the fifth year in a row.
The USA ranks together with Switzerland 1. Sweden ranks 2, the Netherlands 3, HongKong 4, Turkey ranks 31

Day Opening - June 17

On their way to Brussels...

Hans gave me a kick

Busy as a bee. Shouldn't be an excuse.

Something interesting to tell you people? Guess so.

You can't have missed the crisis. It's everywhere and though it seems to be used as an excuse (car insurances have increased with ten percent this year in Holland) it's also kicking some good asses. Many small companies with their own identity have to close their doors because of lack of costumers. One of these businesses is close to me. A store I've know for my whole life, the store of my father. He's owned a shop on the Overtoom in Amsterdam since my birth. Fortunately he continues making things.

I think of all those people who find themselves in financial problems because of this weird thing happening in our society.