Sunday, June 14, 2009

Abramavich's new yacht

Some people change once in the 5 year their car for a new one.
Roman Abramovich change his yacht.
Above the 'old' Pelores which is only 115 meters tall.
Below his new toy the 'eclipse'..."which is a 170 meters yacht (557.6 foot) featuring 2 heli- pads, 20 water jets, a pool with large Havana bars surrounding it, a cinema, library, restaurant, private garden, 5,000 square feet large master suite, a private submarine boarding from the bottom of the yacht for a secret escape, and a missile-detection system to abort pirates attack safely. The 9-deck megayacht has at least 5 possible exits which literally makes it the safest yacht ever built." (for another picture click hier .)

Obama's speech Cairo - Andrew Bostom - Nazism and more

Andrew Bostom is a well-know author on antisemitism and Associate Professor of Medicines at Brown University. The first time I heard of him was on FoxNews, not my favorite TV channel, in the USA.
When 10 days ago Obama delivered his speech in Cairo it looked like the whole world was applauding him. Not me; you don't give a speech to 'address Muslims all over the world' from the Al Azhar University (and its mosque, whereof its leader supports suicide bombings) which represent the pinnacle of Islamic religious education. De facto, extreme Islamic religious education. I made my point clear on Emre's Istanbulian blog clear: his speech was full of platitudes, generalizations and simplifications. And someone directed me to Andrew Bostom's blog and comment on Obama' speech which made a lot clear. I often diasagree with him but this time he makes sense:

''When the US President Barack Obama address this past Thursday (June 4, 2009) in Cairo he first thanked as his one of his primary sponsors Al Azhar University, in the Manchild’s words, “a beacon of Islamic learning,” for over a millennium.
Indeed, for over a thousand years, since its founding in 792 C.E., Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, has served as the academic shrine—much as Mecca is the religious shrine—of the global Muslim community. Al Azhar University (and its mosque) represent the pinnacle of Islamic religious education.
John Roy Carlson traveled to the Middle East shortly after WWII to pursue his investigative reporting on Fascist/Nazi movements—he had gone undercover in the US to expose domestic Nazism during the war, and the trail lead him overseas following the war. Egypt became a major sanctuary for Nazis by the mid-1950s under Nasser, but almost a decade earlier Carlson documented widespread Nazi sympathy coupled to Islamic religious fanaticism at Al Azhar itself. Carlson provided this apt description of Al Azhar’s “tradition”—“Every year Al Azhar graduated hundreds of missionaries who preached its fanatic doctrine throughout Asia, Africa, and the islands of the Pacific…” He goes on to comment, “…though Muhammad [the Muslim prophet] died in 632, I found that Al Azhar his preachments were considered fresh and applicable today—with absolutely no modifications.” Carlson then describes his meeting with rector of Al Azhar University Sheikh Shinawi, who preached Jihad—Holy War—against Zionism, and was a friend of the Jihadist, Nazi collaborating ex-Mufti of Jerusalem and Godfather of the Palestinian movement, Hajj Amin el-Husseini, who also found sanctuary in Cairo after WWII.
Fast forward to the current era, and hear the plea (published July 10, 2004) of an gyptian sociologist Sayyed al-Qimnilamenting the fact that classical Islamic jurisprudence—jihad war and the brutal subjugation of infidels under dehumanizing Shari’a, Islamic law—is still being taught at Al Azhar. “What kind of thinking are we teaching our next generation, that it has the right to attack other countries in order to convert them to Islam?…And we wonder where terror comes from?” Continue this Article here

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The car with the coolest 'car plate' in the Netherlands: xx-zz69...