Saturday, June 13, 2009

World Blog Surf Day - Turkey - June

My cooking skills were developed when I was a child; my parents used to host every Saturday and Sunday family and friends over for late afternoon Tea and Dinner parties. And as the youngest of the family I was forced/privileged to make the cakes, often with too much whip cream. I can still hear the complaints of my aunts…’we are on diet but you make it impossible for us’. So started my career as a cook! And you understand that since then I never comprehend the people anymore.

Then I got my fist girl friend; she tried to explain me how to boil an egg, as I was an idiot. And explained how organic eggs needs a little bit more time than an average Dutch egg. That was the end of the affair…and I still don’t regret that.

When I turned 27, and already given up by friends and family, that I ever would succeed a life with a female partner (after countless affairs with women in and outside the kitchen) H. showed up; A blend of Dutch, Chinese, Indonesian and some French blood.

She was a great cook and we ended up who was the best cook…and appointed her large family as the judge. I won! My firs victory was sealed! And since then I seduced many women with my skills in the kitchen which was the private domain place for women, once, but now I’m there!
Now, living in Turkey with O., for almost 7 good years, I only can tell you that; never date a man who is superior in cooking, and regarding the Turkish kitchen; come over and try…’s fabulous…like my own kitchen.)

For more info, check …….Sher her web site, she is the organizer of the WBSD and please go to Jen her blog for more info about Turkey and food…..enjoy! And Anastasia follow and report us through here twitter

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