Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dıfference between Gul and Erdogan

The Turkish PM Erdoğan said that the EU elections resulted in a ‘Christian Democrat victory’ throughout Europe. And with the understatement of the week he stated that voter turnout was just 43 percent. And so he concluded that ‘a number of political parties and leaders put their opposition to Turkey's EU accession at the center of their election campaigns’; “We are witnessing a picture after the elections that everyone interprets as negative in terms of Turkey's membership.”

I’m not sure if this rhetoric is genuine or simple based upon some bad advisors around him, but the ‘Christen Democrats’ didn’t win the elections. It was the far right and nationalistic parties with a national agenda which came out the elections as winner. And what’s wrong with ‘Christian Democrats’? As Turkey with 99.8% of the population being Muslim, where most European countries are far from being Christian countries. Many people are non affiliated.

But Erdogan feels the heat and start making nonsense statements; empty ones such as “We are continuing the EU process not with words, but with actions. This is how Turkey sees it. The membership criteria are there. Complying with promises, the principles and rules that have been established is the basis of the spirit of unity. Those who display behaviors that do not comply with this spirit, loyalty and pact, would, before anything else, take an approach contrary to the founding principles of the EU,”
But so far no really actions are made by the current Turkish government the last years and absolutely no progress to integrate Turkey into the EU. Even the Ankare agreement of 2005 is still not implemented.

How different are the words of the Turkish President Abdullah Gül yesterday that downplayed the impact of anti-Turkish statements voiced by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Turkish candidacy to the European Union. ‘’Politicians come and go, he said’’, stressing the importance of political goals set by the countries. And: “The important thing is to continue preparing the country for full EU membership.” “People who voiced opposition to Turkey today might change their position later, what matters is the opinion of the Turkish and European public.”
This sounds more realistic to me than an Erdogan who beat the Nationalistic drum and play the blame game, but he doesn’t gain anything with this approach.

Day Opening - June 10

Commissioned by Ivan the terrible to commemorate his successful military campaign against the Tartar Mongols in the city of Kazan, in 1552, St. Basil’s was designed by Postnik Yakolev and built between 1555 and 1561. Legend has it that Ivan the Terrible had the architect blinded after the building was finished, so he could never build anything more beautiful, but history records that he did build another cathedral in Vladimir, so the legend is most likely just that.
Built on the edge of the Red Square in Moscow, St. Basil’s Cathedral is a colorful edifice made up of 9 individual chapels, each a symbol of a successful assault on Kazan and topped by an onion dome. The ninth chapel was erected in 1588 between the first eight, giving the cathedral the look of an eight-corner star when seen from above.