Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rijkaard + Galatasaray: Reverse Integration

Rijkaaard signs for Galatasaray and Hans will be now Galatasaray fan instead of Besiktas supporter :d

To become a Turk

Looks like that in the end I might to become a Turk after all. Not by birth, tough!
Why? If you are married for more than 3 years to a foreigner, Dutch law allows you to acquire citizen ship of your wife’s country, Turkey in my case, without loosing my Dutch/European citizen ship!! Otherwise I never would even thought about it!
And tomorrow we are 6 years married. There was only one but; if you are 40 years or younger you have to fulfill your military service in Turkey. Good for me that I’m older. So this week I apply for Turkish citizen ship, and nobody can call me yabancı anymore.)!
And I might be running for MP one day, you never know…
And I will be alert anyone insulting my 'Turkishness'!

Day Opening - June 6

Bon appétit!