Friday, May 22, 2009

Istanbul taxi's

I really like the taxi drivers in Istanbul. They are funny, friendly and helpfull...most of the time. I can tell you stories which you don't believe but simple are true. In contrary with the Amsterdam taxi drivers, also called 'the Taliban'. They simple navigate with their TomTom (nice Dutch invention) through the streets and act like bandits.
But there is one thing I really don't like about Istanbul taxi drivers; they don't speak English! I've taken taxi's in most of the European capitals, always they speak at least a second language (mostly English, sometimes French like in Italy and Swisse). In a couple of months Istanbul will be the European Cultural Capital my opinion a bridge too far.

Statement #19

“Europe will neither happen in one go, nor as a whole construct: It will happen through concrete achievements, first by creating a de facto solidarity.”
Robert Schuman (one of the EU's fouding fathers)

Day Opening - May 22

...just plain the Netherlands (enjoying the beach)...