Monday, May 18, 2009

In the airplane, in Istanbul and looking back

Yes, we’re back since late yesterday evening. And I had the worst flight of my ‘flying career’ of 32 years; we checked in two hours in advance, which is in general real on time, but many people had already checked in, at the counter or on-line. Which means, only middle seats were available. And that seat is not build for me; I can not move my legs and I have a little claustrophobia. So please seat me not as a sandwich between two other people, I simple need an isle seat or better, an exit row. It was nice of THY that they congratulated me while checking in, but no upgrade to ‘business’ class which is almost the same as economy. And in the end, nobody wanted to trade seats with me (one flight attendant asked several Turkish youngsters - yes, they put children on isle seats and even on exit row) but nobody gave up 'their rights' like the petite but oh so stuck up girl next to me. She even didn't make use of the isle seat; didn't strech her legs, not one time to the restroom etc. But I made her stand up 10 times the first 3o minutes since I had to pass I knicked with my fingers every time without looking at her...yep, that was fun.

I experienced this a couple of times before in my 32 years of flying but always people were ready to change or the crew put me business (Delta Airlines, Alitalia, KLM). So the flight was terrible but happy for me that the purser was a little bit more pro-active; she put me next to the flight attendant with some glasses of champage the last 45 minutes of the 4 hr flight.

If I look back, our trip didn’t start well and ended also not well. And of the 8 days we were away, four of them we were travelling and that was a little too much.

We really enjoyed Paris which is now O. Her favorite European city, and the Netherlands was as usual perfect only not the weather! Italy was nice but Milano is for the both of us not Italy most interesting city.

We spoke with some Turkish friends in Italy and the Netherlands (3 Dutch friends moved with their Turkish wifes back to the Netherlands the last 2 years) and all are more than happy. Yes they miss their family and the beautiful weather but for the rest they really enjoy life in Holland. Which gives O. The idea to look for opportunities there...only I don’t want to move back...) I’m more than happy in Turkey and if I move it will be or Greece or Italy. France and Spain are also options or Argentinia but for the latter I don’t see some real chances...

This morning we picked up Sarah P. Who stayed the last 9 days with the Vet. And she was overjoyed to see us again. Now she is back with us she behaved much more civilized...ha, I think she undergo her stay with at the Vet his clinic as a punishment for her ‘spoiled’ behavior.)

Anyway, life is back to normal until our next trip this year. I really need to cross ‘borders’ a couple of times a year! One trip is already sure: next year May O. Has her annual meeting in Madrid so that will be a nice trip the the Spanish capital and probably Barcelona. But India is longing.

Day Opening - May 18