Sunday, May 10, 2009

Missed my plane...

This is the second time in my life that I missed a plane. One time 10 year ago, with friends, we missed our flight from Rome to Amsterdam due to a complete traffic chaos in Rome. And many with us were stuck for a couple of hours in Rome.
This morning O. and I were late, but on time for our plane to Milano. But we had to meet on a place since we go through different customs units. And suddenly I panicked, walked in the wrong direction, came back, another bad turn and voila, plane gone. Yes, the last 15 minutes they were 'broadcasting' over and over again my name. Enfin, the supervisor regarding ticketing/reservations put herself on the frontline and without any cost transfered our flight of 8am this morning to 2pm this afternoon. So here I am, in a lounge with all food and drinks you can imagine, relaxing for the first part of our trip to Milano, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and next week Sunday back to Istanbul.
Tonight diner dansant in a castle some 40 km from Milano...will be fun. Just a stupid panick attack this morning.

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