Friday, May 8, 2009

The only pig in Kabul - Afghanistan

While Egypt and Iraq simple slaughtered all their pigs, the only pig alive in Afghanistan - pig is a curiosity in Muslim Afghanistan, where pork and pig products are illegal because they are considered irreligious - has been in quarantine since Sunday after visitors expressed alarm 'it could spread the new flu strain'. And there are no direct flights between Kabul and Mexico and there are no pig farms in Afghanistan. So how could it reach this pig...or was it swine flu...insjallah...

The EU, thirty years ago and now - by Jeroen van der Kris

Members of the European parliament applaud Simone Veil after her election as the assembly's first president in 1979. Photo EU

I remember very well the day that I could vote for the new EU parliament in the spring of 1979. A lot of things have changed since then. And a lot of problems are solved. Below an interesting article about the EU 30 years ago and now. Enjoy.

When the members of the European parliament held their first session in Strasbourg in 1979, local restaurants didn't even bother to stay open. Thirty years later, everybody wants to buy them lunch. Five oldtimers talk about how the European parliament has changed in thirty years.

They're down to five now - four Germans and a Frenchman who have been in the European parliament ever since it was first directly elected in 1979. The parliament that Europeans will elect next month is entirely different from the one they encountered thirty years ago. It has more power and it has become much more professional. But it has lost the intimacy of the early days.
In an interview with NRC Handelsblad, German Christian democrats Hans-Gert Pöttering, Karl von Wogau and Ingo Friedrich, social democrat Klaus Hänsch and French communist Francis Wurtz look back on their careers and how the European parliament has developed in thirty years.

And there is more hereeeeee

Day Opening - May 8 amazing mix of colors, composition, and grace...and it's not a painting but a photograph...