Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Undermining the secular system of the kuffar...

Mohammed Faizel Ali bin Mohammed Racheed bin Mohammed Karamullah bin Mohammed Enait (...) is a Dutch ultra-orthodox Muslim lawyer and resident. Born in Syria (1975/76?) who likes the media.
Mohammed Enait came for the first time in the news when the Dutch city of Rotterdam refused to hire him as Client Manager for the department of Social affairs since he during the job interview made clear that he never would shake hands with women, potential clients. He asked the Commission Equal Treatment for their opinion, which supported him. With that advice he sued the city of Rotterdam in court that they refused to give him the job because of his religion but he lost the case. Good! Don't consider the Dutch legal system be represented by kuffar, you fool! We are humans.

Now has the Netherlands Bar Association disciplinary council issued a reprimand to him since he refuses to stand up for the judge. As an orthodox Muslim, he claims his faith does not allow him to stand up for a judge, because all people are equal under Islam.

However, the disciplinary council ruled that Mr Enait's behaviour was unacceptable, as was the headgear he wears in court. It also condemned his public criticism of a court verdict.

Following the reprimand, if Mr Enait refuses to stand for a judge in future the Bar Association will suspend him. However, he has previously said he has no intention of complying, and if necessary he is prepared to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

He claims he is being discriminated (..) against on the grounds of his religion. The matter first came to light last year, when a Rotterdam court issued a recommendation that although in principle everyone should stand up when a judge enters the court, an exception could be made on the basis of deep religious conviction. However, the Council for the Judiciary then ruled that such exceptions were not acceptable, as all lawyers should be prepared to demonstrate their respect for the rule of law.

So, more time, more energy, more money for a lunatic who misuse the Dutch legal system to undermine it.

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