Friday, May 1, 2009

Racists, anti-globalists, swine flu etc.

When the AIDS epidemic began officially in June 1981, it was widely considered exclusively a "gay disease." Now everyone should know that AIDS is a worldwide epidemic; and most AIDS cases are heterosexual, not homosexual. But homophobic and racist were and are not convinced. In the early years of the epidemic when the cause was unknown and when HIV was in the blood supply, hemophiliacs were decimated by AIDS. Hemophilia does not cause AIDS - and neither does homosexuality. AIDS is caused by a virus, not by a genetic defect or by a lifestyle.
Rascist believe that the AIDS epidemic originate from the black race in Africa.
Which is nonsense; the AIDS epidemic first broke out in Manhattan in 1979, not in Africa, where the epidemic did even not begin until the autumn of 1982. It broke out in Manhattan via the experimental hepatitis B vaccine programs that took place first in NYC in 1978, and continued in other cities until 1981.

During the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in China in the spring of 2003, the same racists and now also conspiracy theorists and other nutheads had different opinions about this flu; SARS virus could be a biological weapon manufactured by the United States, who perceived China's rise as a potential threat to its dominance and superiority in the world, and the ‘yellow race’ was inferior according these racists. Later, some of these Chinese conspiracy theorists admits that these allegations were only speculations, and that there was not any concrete proof from the study of the virus's genetic sequence.

Now, with the outbreak of the swine flu, the same racists, conspiracy theorists and white supremacists (all mainly in the USA) see the disease as result of a disastreus immigration. And the antigovernment conspiracy theorists note ominously that “this Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stoked the fear of a global flu pandemic. He said the Mexican flu outbreak is the ‘first test’ of the “pandemic preparedness work undertaken by the international community over the past three years.”“Ki-moon, the United Nations, and the globalists, with the participation of the globalist-dominated corporate (Zionists) media and the ruling elite in Mexico, are hyping the flu outbreak as a possible pandemic in order to sell us their scheme for world government. (read more here)

Isn’t it sad that every time when a virus is discovered these racists and conspiracy theorists try to take advantage of it for the solely purpose; ‘using it for their own agenda’…

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