Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where does democray stands for - part 1

Yesterday I came across an article written by Mats Tunehag which appeared last week in the Swedish newspaper Världen idag.
It describes preciously where democracy stands for and where the fear comes from. And that’s not Islam but fundamentalist religious groups!
He argued that in general ‘countries with a Protestant tradition (Nordic, the Netherlands, Switzerland) have better and stronger democracies than for example ‘catholic’ countries such as those in Latin America. Next to that ‘Islam still has to present one single practical evidence that it is possible to combine Islam and sharia with democracy’. And moreover ‘states which link ethnicity with religion often have difficulties with democratic development and/or religious freedom’. It applies, for example, to countries with Orthodox churches: Russia, Serbia, Greece, Armenia, and Georgia. And this sums it pretty much up. And in my opinion fundamentalist Christian groups had an enormous influence on Bush and co.

Back to the Western world and ın particular the EU where the essential pillars for the development and maintenance of democracy are under attack according Mats Tunehag.

Firstly, freedom of speech and religion is decisive for democratic processes and for respect of the integrity and freedom of the citizens. Thus it is a backlash for democracy that these very two freedoms increasingly are being challenged and diminished in the European Union. The examples are many. In the name of tolerance, there are demands, legislative changes, and threats which decrease the freedom of speech and religion, often under the term hate speech.These self-appointed prophets of intolerance stem from the same democracy-hostile soil but grow on different trees like: Islamists, secularists, and gay lobbyists (I’m only talking about the EU not other countries).
The Labor Party in the UK wants to abolish the freedom of speech clause regarding homosexual lifestyle. A well-intended EU directive against discrimination is moving in the same direction.

Tomorrow part 2

Day Openıng - April 22

“If I was an old building I would want to be by the ocean. Till’ the end of times”. Photographed at the old fishing piers of the Texas Bolivar Peninsula.
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