Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Computer problems

Last week Thursday my notebook shut down...suddenly.
Can not solve the problem until today. Therefore I am using an old computer which I bought in Miami 2002, which is slow...
Entrecard users: sorry I cannot drop by that often...
Comments here: later.
Thank you for your patience.

Iran accuse the Netherlands of anti-Iran conspiracy

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is accusing the Netherlands of 'a conspiracy' against the Iranian government. In an official statement, the Guard has said the Netherlands is paying millions of euros to internet sites and radio broadcasters, such as the Amsterdam-based Radio Zamaneh, that are hostile to Iran.The Guard is the protector of the ideas of the Iranian revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. Its statement has been printed in several Iranian newspapers.The Dutch support for more diversity in the Iranian media is the result of a parliamentary decision in 2005. Reacting to a proposal by the Green Left and conservative VVD parties, parliament decided to spend 15 million euros a year to set up an Iran-oriented satellite broadcaster. When that plan fell through, the money was directed to other media initiatives run by Iranian exiles, in cooperation with Press Now, the Netherlands-based organisation for the improvement of press freedom. Yep, Iran wants to teach the Dutch a lesson in 'freedom of expression'...

Day Opening - April 14

Madrid Streets: 'a way to make money'.
By Belgin Zeytin