Thursday, April 9, 2009

Milan, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Venice

(not exactly the map of the trip, but it give an idea)

Yes, O. and I decided to make a road trip. Not only by car but plane and train as well.
Our last real road trip was in January 2007 (after a long flight from Istanbul to San Fransisco)when we drove in 5 days from San Francisco to Phoenix, Arizona, from there to Albuquerque, New Mexico and from there to Las Vegas in Nevada and back to San Francisco.
This time we will fly to Milan, where O. has her annual meeting with GM’s of her company world wide. And their partners, mainly women…. We will have some good days in the Ritz Milan, I can guarantee that. From there we will drive to Lyon and Paris in France, stay there a couple of days and travel to Brussels and Amsterdam where I have some business to do. Then we drive back to Milan and take a day train to Venice. And fly back to Istanbul.. O. has been to many European countries and places in the America’s and the Far and Middle East, but she never made it to France, Belgium and Venice Italy. Yes, she traveled to Rome and Florence on a cold winter day during Christmas when everything was closed! For me is it since 2002, to see, the countries where I lived in the past, France, Italy, Belgium, back. And the Netherlands? Didn’t have been there since May 2007, and that’s a long time if you compare it to my visits to my home country between May 2006 and May 2007: 8 times, among other foreign trips. I guess I wrote and blogged too much!

America Cannot Do a Damn Thing

Blogfriend 'Plateau of Iran' sent me the following blog entry to publish it here. I am glad to help him/her out. Enjoy!
April 3, 2009 - A message to Barack Hussein Obama:

Sir, your predecessors, their lack of robust policy, regarding Iran, resulted in their failure. You may feel self-aware, but your perceived optimism, cleverness & your inexperience are also seen as notable obstacles, by many. I hope you will have well thought-through, and informed surprises in store.
You may bow your head to the Saudis; most know about Saudi financial investments in the USA, and the consequences should the relationship sour. President George W. Bush, and his father knew the constraints too well. – ”I saw President Bush lower his head to have a medal placed on around his neck [by Saudis] which is very different from a supplicating bow of greeting.” - Here
Other references to USA/SAUDI relations: One - Two - Three - there are numerous other documentations, pre and post September 11, 2001.
In relation to Iran, you are at crossroads. I do not think your administration, in the next 4 years, unless exceptional circumstances, would resolve any issues with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
At the end of the day, to many Iranian People, even those who are US citizens, you are just another American President working to successfully see your legacy through in American Politics. Your administration is another hindrance for the Iranian People, but a facilitator of the Iranian Islamic Government. You are not seen by many Iranian People to be able to make a real, pro-democracy & freedoms difference in a Mullah-ruled, dictatorship called The Islamic Republic of Iran - Nor will you or your administration try to do so. Much luck to you, Joe Biden and your administration.

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Day opening - April 9

Canyon overview somewhere in USA

Creator: Rory Gallagher