Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rasmussen new Secr. Gen. of NATO

The Danish PM Rasmussen is just appointed as the new Secr. General of the NATO.
Turkey's President 'bargained' at the end: Turkey can appoint an Deputy Secr. General!

al-Bashir, the ICC and PM Erdogan of Turkey

Erdogan and al-Bashir

At first, the request for the arrest warrant against Sudan’s President al-Bashir, the first official charges against a serving head of state, had provoked dispute among the 5 permanent, veto-wielding members of the Security Council but also for Turkey, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

How works the ICC and how is it ruled, and what can they do?

The ICC is only allowed to prosecute 4 types of crimes:
-War crimes
-Crimes against humanity
The last one worries countries such as Israel, Russia, China, USA etc. The reason that none of them recognizes the ICC.
It’s important that ‘aggression’ must be nailed down properly!

The ICC brings charges only against individuals, not states! And the ICC’s rules allow it to take cases only when other courts, national or regional, cannot or will not do so.

Despite its absence from the ICC, America has done more than most, financially and diplomatically, to establish and support the tribunals for Yugoslavia, Rwanda ad Sierra Leone and recently the investigations into a tribunal for Lebanon.
Of the Arab countries only Jordan is a member of the ICC. Of the ‘Muslim’ countries, only Djibouti and Jordan are members.

The Security Council and the ICC are at loggerheads over who could trigger an investigation; the Council, supposedly the body with prime responsibility for international peace and security (and where Russia, China, and the USA all have vetoes) or the prosecutor and judges of the ICC? In my opinion the latter.

Turkey is asked by Arab and some African coutries to ask for a deferral of the case, and it looks like Turkey is using its power, as it is a close ally of al-Bashir.

PM Erdogan of Turkey was in a fight with the Nobel Price winner for Peace, President Peres of Israel but is willing to shake hands on a friendly way with al-Bashir. It's crystal clear, also with Turkey subborn attitude against the appointment of Rasmussen as Secr. General of the Nato, religion aka Islam, is the parameter of the foreign policy of contemporary Turkey.

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