Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update; new site etc.

The next 10 days, Eva will take care about the Day Openings; she will present some nice pictures she made on her trip to Nepal last year among other interesting pics she found.

Today the G-20 will held its summit in London, and decisions will be made, tough ones. I promised for some time now to write something about Social Banking aka Social Finance, and yes, that will be published tomorrow, finally!

By accident, today, I discovered the blog of a Dutch journalist in Turkey. She writes for a dozen Dutch newspapers and magazines. Her opinion is refreshing and she is added to Internations its blog roll.
Eva and I wrote last year an article: ‘Istanbul, European Capital of 2010; a Bridge too far’.
I’m dealing with it since and never saw a suitable outlet to publish it. If Zaman Today runs it, it’s okay. I don’t expect that much of other English dailies in Turkey. Otherwise it will be published here on Internations, which gets a good rating and more visitors every day.

And...that's all for now!

Day opening - April 1

Child playing in a train

Picture: unknown