Saturday, March 28, 2009

Banners, flash and other annoying stuff

A lot of money is made via internet. Nothing wrong with that, it makes the existing of good websites possible. But it can be pretty annoying when you've to read a lot from a computer screen and an add is flashing next to the text or it's interrupted because of some new facial cream.

Fortunately Mozilla Firefox created the add-ons for its internet browser. The add-ons are extra tools you can download to extend the possibilities of using the world wide web.

There are two add-ons that are unmissable when you work with internet. The first one blocks most of the adds that are integrated in websites. It's called Adblock Plus. It comes with a package you can choose from and most of the adds are blocked. Flashblock is the second one. It prevents all the flash files on websites from popping up. You've to click on the pictogram to play the flash instead.

Another nice addition, is the dictionairy that can check your spelling in many languages.

Good bye to all the adds, welcome easy readable websites. If you want to check out more add-ons, the recommendations on the Firefox website are worth a look as well. Every country has its own recommendations.

A tip (if you already use Firefox you might know this already, but for those who don't): if you want to see a new web page, but you don't want to leave the current one, press the right mouse button on the link and choose 'open in new tab'. You can open a new blank tab using the command ctrl t or for Mac users command t.

World Blog Surf day - From Turkey

If you had asked me ten years ago that I will live in Turkey one day, married to a Turkish woman and living in Istanbul, I would say: ‘you are crazy’. But now, 2009, I’m living a happy life with my Ozlem in Istanbul. And do I like it? Yes.
Life in Istanbul, Turkey is interesting and I can only describe it with two notes; ‘Everything is possible’ and Turkey has still that ‘Overwhelming service-attitude’.
Turkey has not one face, and for sure not one identity, its unpredictable. Which makes it for expats so interesting.
And yes, I’m still rocking here! In fact, Burak Bekdil wrote yesterday an interesting article about Turkish people, which you can read here...
Turkey is not European, not Asian, not African, not Middle East, Turkey is on its own, its a life-long experience...
For amazing pictures about Istanbul go herrreeeee
Turkey is not like Greece but they have a lot in common as Dayflyer explains; British expats in rural Greece. As this post is part of the world wide chain of expats, go thereeeeee and travel all aroud the world.
This entry is part of Golden Prague’s World Blog Surf Day where 25 expats are writing today about their experiences in their host countries.

Day opening - March 28

Istanbul, Istanbul: 'I love it and I hate it'.
By Belgin Zeytin