Friday, March 27, 2009

Guess who are these two hippiezzzz

The HillieBillies...

A sound from Utrecht

Hello dear readers,

It has been a while since you heard from me and it makes me feel ashamed. I actually love to write on this blog, but my investigation at the moment is quite time consuming. Researching all day from 9 o'clock in the morning till 10:30 in the evening makes me tired. So when I come home I put my computer aside and the first thing that's switched on, is my stereo. For these last few weeks Room Eleven gave me back energy and put me in a mood to swing, shake off all the counting, fighting for information and difficult conversations about things that are technical and bring up more questions than they answer.

The friendly voice of Janne Schra is surrounded with pleasant jazzy influences, cheerful tunes and powerful sounds. The songs cover the wide range from breakable guitar music to the power of a brassband. All played by four skilled musicians: Arriën Molema on the guitar, Tony Roe plays keyboards, Lucas Dols wheels the bass and Maarten Molema is responsible for the rithm since he's the drummer. Janne Schra sings in every song of which many they've written themselves. With funny lyrics and sometimes serious songs she exposes her own capasity as a singer. But the covers are pleasant to listen to as well, since they have a completely different sound than the original ones. Take 'Bitch' for example (originally from Meredith Brooks). They made two versions and it took me a while before I recognised them as being cover songs. Not every song is as pleasant as the jazzy Brooks cover or one of my favourites 'Swimmer'. A song that got banned from my list is 'Looking At My Feet' and 'Hey, Hey, Hey', about holiday missery is one I often skip.

Last weekend Room Eleven played in the Royal Theatre of Carré in Amsterdam; a dream of many artists. Pleasant for the ears and for me it's one of the bands that can cover the label easy listening. A welcoming start of the end of the day.

Update - Important one

Lately I had a nice telephone conversation with Bea, who wrote about several issues here. She left Turkey early 2008 after spending some 20 years in the country. She is now settled down in the Carolina’s and busy with setting up her business. Because of her lack of free time she will not be a co blogger on Internations anymore, but she will write here once and a while. Anyway, thanks Bea. The good news now is: Kıvanç ERGU, who works as a consultant for Eurohorizons, joined the Internations blogger group. In case we will stumble upon some hot EU-Turkey issues, always nice to have someone here who daily work is related with the EU-Turkey accession process. Kivanc is also the first Turk living in Turkey who will join Internations (Seda lives in Greece). Anyway welcome!

Another adjustment will be the ‘look-of-Internations’. Some Canadian designers offered to restyle the template into a professional design where Internations will provide them with some banners and back links. Let’s see how this works, I am always cautious since we get so many offers. This site will be professionalized, without a doubt, but to put it full with ads is not the idea behind this blog-project.

In the meantime, 4 more sites are added to the blog roll of Internations:
Cher, an American living in Prague; GP, a German living as well in Prague, Martin, an Englishman in Bulgaria and a French blog of Mirabella, her blog is bilingual: French/English and she has a photo blog there as well. I recommend all four sites.

I hope today to write something about Social Banking (or Social Finance) as I promised Sam. If not today, for sure tomorrow. But tomorrow I will also write something about Turkey; my life as an expat in Turkey since I participate in World Surf Day (expats from all around the world).

Day opening - March 26

By Belgin Zeytin