Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A reward for avoiding Rush Hour...

In an experiment aimed at reducing the length of traffic jams around the Dutch central city of Utrecht, 1000 car-driving commuters will next year be eligible for a bonus of up to 1200 euros if they avoid driving during rush hours, which can be for Istanbul - with one of the worst traffic jams in the world - usefull as well!
Reports in the Dutch press say that businesses and local authorities have agreed on the trial, which aims to keep drivers off the major motorways at busy times. Traffic jams are generally held to be harmful to the economy and the environment! Exactly what I noticed when I came over to Turkey in 2002; time consuming and therefore expensive.
The electronic devices in participants' cars in the Netherlands will check how often the driver uses the motorways in the Utrecht area. The lower the use, the higher the bonus will be. The premium will be paid for by the road user's employer, who in turn will be granted a tax reduction and a subsidy, which I think, must be a a priority for the upcoming elections in Turkey. But who cares.
Earlier experiments in the Netherlands, three years ago to discourage driving during the rush hour between the city of The Hague and its satellite town of Zoetermeer yielded a 50-percent reduction, which can be set as an example how Turkish Municipalities can deal with the immense traffic chaos in Istanbul.

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Photography by Belgin Zeytin