Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Western Imperialism Part 5: "Let's Redraw Some Maps"

If you happen to see me on the streets of Istanbul, try this... Stop me and talk to me for a minute - about anything. I'll talk to anybody. Its fun, and part of what makes life special to me. If you make eye contact and don't look away too quickly, I'll probably say "hello" to you just to get things going. This happens quite a bit, and leads to interesting conversations.

One things I've learned in my time here is that people who refer to themselves as Kurdish LOVE George Bush (and they're going to LOVE Obama, too...). It is, perhaps, the only group of people I've run across in my travels who do. That begs the question... Why? So I ask (knowing the answer by now, of course).

"Uh... for another time", is the general response. "Does it have to do with new maps?", I ask, which leads to a knowing smile from my new friend (everybody is a new friend to me, as far as I'm concerned), indicating that yes, it does have to do with new maps.

I have to give my Kurdish friends ample credit for being up to date on at least this aspect of today's geo-politics, because much of the world has not yet made the connection. The global planners in the U.S. government have, indeed, created complete sets of new maps that give strong clues as to what their intentions are and whose interests they are serving (the U.S./Anglo alliance of oil/military/economic policy).

The map below was prepared by Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters and published in the U.S. Armed Forces Journal in June 2006. With a close inspection you'll notice that countries such as Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others are scheduled to lose territory while entirely new nations are to be created (including a "Free Kurdistan").

(larger version of the map here)

Now, whatever cheers or jeers this new map may draw from particular portions of the populations involved, it begs that time honored question of "Why?" Why would the U.S. /Anglo governments want to redraw the Middle East map?

Oil and gas resources and pipeline delivery routes.

And to what do they owe the feeling of authority to do so? Military / politcal pre-eminance, including the NATO alliance.

Could all of this talk about terrorism and Pakistan simply be cover for supporting West-backed warlords who ultimately wish to destablize the country and ultimately establish the new state of "Free Baluchistan"? Chances are... Yes. Think Kosovo.

The U.S. government has long kept the Kurdish region of Iraq the most stable, and its where large deposits of oil are being divvied up among the Western oil giants, and in return, the West seems to be willing to promise the Kurdish region of Turkey in the creation of a Kurdish state. Ok... perhaps you're seeing the trend.

For more background, I'll direct you here... Again from Prof. Chossudovsky at Global Research...

The ultimate take-away should be that we need to become a lot more skeptical of what we read and hear from our own governments and media. If the average Kurd on the street knows about this redrawing, the chances are your President or Prime Minister does, too, as does the publisher of your nation's leading daily newspaper.

Its interesting that there's a lot of talk about other things, but no discussion of whether the West should be redrawing borders and promoting chaos through covert operations that will lead to new borders being made so that Western companies can more profitably exploit the resources of other nations. There's no discussion about why this is important to the West, or its long term plan to economically/politically/militarily isolate Russia and China. And there's no discussion about the ethics/morality of sending young people to fight and die under false pretenses for such plans.

Nor is there any discussion about the inhumanity of the millions of innocent lives taken and destroyed in the countries in which these resource wars take place.

(Free Speech in Europe? Not in Strasbourg as it relates to NATO... see here...)

Yes... A little skepticism and questioning is in order.

Or perhaps even outrage.

Peace & Love,
~ Alias

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