Saturday, February 14, 2009

PM Erdogan opened the Pandora box again/his obsession with Israel

After the soufflé-incident in Davos, where he attacked the Israelian President, The PM of Turkey, in his rush for more nationalistic votes, opened the attack on Israel again. Instead of condemning the growing anti-Jewish sentiments in the Turkish societies, he attacked now the Israeli voters by calling them negligent for voting for right-wing parties. He simple forgot to see what the Turkish political landscape is built upon: Conservative Islamist rule the country, and in the opposition an ultra-nationalist MHP and an archaistic CHP which doesn’t have anything to do with its ‘revolutionair’ social image, rather with an arch conservative reactionary party. At the same time, a retired Israeli General asked the Turkish PM to look in the mirror by saying: Turkey was not in a position to criticize Israel's actions in the Palestinian territories when it stations troops in northern Cyprus, and accused Turkey of repressing its Kurdish minority and massacring Armenians during World War I.
I am not surprised at all by these words. The Israelis government, for the sake of good relations with Turkey looked at the other direction when Turkey was critiziced for its minority policies, its foreign policies and its history. Erdogan is doing more harm to Turkey in diplomatic sense than any previous Turkish PM.
But Erdogan declared himself not a diplomat, but a politician. He simple forget that politicians sets the tone for diplomacy.
As a reader of the daily Haaretz pointed out, Turkey is in a dodgy situation. This time I don’t think that the EU and or the IMF, and what about the USA, will be so uncomplaining with the current Turkish style of governing.
Here the note of a reader of Haaretz:
The Turkish leader joined the critics of Israel. Impertinent because he should keep his mouth shut. His country has laws forbidding mentioning of the crimes perpetrated against the Armenians. If Israel would adopt the Turkish model, a third of all lecturers in the faculties of social sciences and humanities in Israeli universities would be imprisoned, as well as a huge portion of Haaretz journalists. We will remind Erdogan of Leyla Zana and the short speech she made when elected to the Turkish parliament. She ended her speech in I take this oath for the brotherhood between the Turkish people and the Kurdish people. Her crime was that she said that terrible sentence, in Kurdish. According to Turkish law speaking that language is a crime. She lost her parliamentary immunity and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. When she wrote something from inside jail a further two years were added to her sentence. Tell this to the Arab members of the Israeli parliament.

For Valentine's Day...

Ahh... The Day of Love...
(This beautiful photo courtesy of Belgin Zeytin Photography, an excellent photographer, available for hire in Istanbul for stunning portraits and other commercial work. See her portfolio here...)

I suppose this is the day when we make that special someone feel truly and uniquely special, and that is certainly a good thing.

But why stop there?

Rumi talks about Love as so endless that we can give it to everybody and still have infinite supplies to shower on those around us. He speaks of Love as "the sacred liquid", and questions why we pass it around in cups rather than swim in it together. He dares us not to simply wade in it, but to dive "deeper, and deeper still".

Beautiful metaphors.

So, while we carry on with the tradition of a special day for those closest to us, maybe we can find a way to:

- Reach out to someone who made need a little Love, and make them feel special, too. And...

- Spend a few minutes running through memories of all the people we've met in our lives and with whom we've shared some interaction... some connection, and send Loving thoughts their way. And...

- Spend a few minutes passing Loving thoughts to those we've never met and whose paths we'll never cross. Chances are at least a few of them could use the positive energy.

Love... So endless... Let's not be stingy with it.

Imagine somebody on the far end of the world spontaneously feeling the warmth of a hug, the feeling that someone truly does care about them, giving them what they need to make it through a perhaps difficult day. That's a good thing.

Love... Everbody... (at least) Today.

~ Alias

Day Opening - February 14

"I have no riches but my thoughts. Yet these are wealth enough for me."
Sara Teasdale (1884 - 1933)