Monday, February 9, 2009

'Peace force' Hamas?

Hamas often use the word ‘Neo-Nazi’s’ for Israelis; in psychology you call that ‘sublimation’; you accuse someone of something where you yourself suffer of/from.
That Hamas exist out of egotistical, feudal, tribal clans with an intense Islamite agenda is clear, and that they only serve their own people (and their radical Islamic view) and not the Palestinians is well-know, at least for me. Yesterday I found an article on an interesting UK based blog Caledonian Comment; The Thinking Blog. I agree with every word:

The United Nations (UN) yesterday halted humanitarian supplies into Gaza after Hamas forces (above) seized an aid convoy. Members of the Islamist group which runs the territory took control of 10 trucks in the second such confiscation within 2 days. The aid had been intended for the victims of the Israeli offensive which killed 1,300 Palestinians, left 5,000 wounded and thousands homeless. A spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency which supports much of Gaza’s 1.5 million population, said: “The Hamas government must return all of the aid that’s been confiscated and we have to be given by the Hamas government credible assurances that this will not happen again.” So now we see clear evidence that Hamas is hurting its own population. But what mystifies me is : a fortnight ago we had an unholy alliance of anti-semites, naive students, Islamic militants, social workers, do-gooders, Guardian readers and middle class lefties all taking to the streets to protest at Gaza being blockaded so that food and medicine couldn’t get to the population. But now that Hamas are doing the same thing, where are the demonstrators ? Don’t hold your breath.

At the moment the PM of Turkey is the only advocate of Hamas, and of course his wife, Emine...with the backing of Iran...

Part I: Western Imperialism and the Third World War

I mentioned a few posts ago that "there's a lot going on out there" in the world... We tend to get bits and pieces of information, wrapped in faulty context and sugary, self-aggrandizing prose. Often, the news points to "threats from over there" to justify the actions that our own leaders take.

So... Here's a much-too-short summary of the world today - take it for what it is... The West is in a fevered race to secure not only the energy sources of the world, but also the energy supply lines, for the purpose of isolating and ultimately defeating its lone economic / political / military rivals... Russia and China.

For all the rhetoric about the renewed "threat from Russia", the West is increasingly boxing in Russia, and that being the case, its conceivable that it won't be long before one forces the other's hand and a widespread war breaks out. China, who has allowed a significant amount of economic imperialism within its own borders may face its own decision point about whether to acquiesce to the West, or stand with Russia. None of this is by accident... Its all so carefully plotted.

This week I'll pass a few articles along to you that may enlighten some of you to what's happening on the largest scale. It will then be your job, should you choose, to look with new eyes to what's happening in the Middle East and determine whether the mess is really about "terrorism" or Iran's "nuclear program", or whether these are merely plot lines for diversion.

Today, I'll send you this article, NATO in the Persian Gulf for some very important background information from our friends at Global Research. Its about 30 minutes to read, lots of information, but important for those of us who really do wish to avoid the inconveniences of nuclear holocaust...

Enjoy, and there's more coming...

The future has been revealed so that we may alter it.

Peace. Love.
~ Alias

Day Opening - February 9

"Don't tell me peace has broken out."
Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956)