Friday, February 6, 2009


Three other blogs are added to the Chain of Internations; the first is Mona, a Palestinian girl living in Toronto, Canada. A daily update about her life, and quite amusing! Also, Denford Magora’s Zimbabwe blog; live and uncensored news from the capital Harare.
And last but not least , Yigal’s Istanbul calling; a blog from this freelance journalist based in Istanbul, Turkey, where he works as a correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and the Eurasianet website, covering Turkey and the surrounding region. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Ha'aretz, The Jerusalem Report, The Times (London), The Walrus and other publications. Tomorrow Erkan, Ozlem and I will meet him for diner with him and his wife.

Last week we passed the barrier of 5.000 cities; since August 2007, more than 63.000 unique visitors from more than 5.000 different cities/places visited this blog, and we are still growing. The original blog was established 4 ½ years ago, December 2004, but didn’t write that much the first 2 years.

Since December 2008, Internations is part of the Entrecard metwork, where more than 10.000 blogs are linked, participating in. I see around 200 blogs a day, and it’s time consuming to deal with it daily. But for the time-being, it reaches out through a broader audience. This blog is there listed as ‘expat blog’ since it make more sense than being a ‘political blog’ or ‘personal daily life’ blog. For a while it was listed as News And Media blog, but since most of the bloggers are expats, expatriate, ‘expat blog’ covers it better. Anyway, the traffic increased with more than 100% up to 350 unique visitors each day, up to 500 page views each day.

We receive on a regular base emails of readers who are pleased with this blog. Last week a co-blogger and co-expat in Prague wrote on her blog about Internations: Internation Musings is a multi-national, multi-blogger blog adventure that covers events and –yes- musings from an international perspective. A compassionate and intellectually honest blog with posts that go under the surface of our often too fast paced internet world. Take your time, take a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a good read.

This compliment is well appreciated: thanks!

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