Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The New America?

As The Who told us... "Meet the new boss... Same as the old boss..."

Headlines early in the new administration read "Obama to Close Guantanamo". Cheers all around, eh?

New headlines now (not in your local paper or on the evening news, so it must be a "conspiracy theory", according to our definition) are (click the link)...

Obama Orders Continuation Of Illegal CIA Renditions

Sigh... We won't get fooled again. Right.


Pop quiz... How many of the known 750 plus detainees at Guantanamo ever face trial and were convicted? I mean, you'd think it was a lay up and all. Forced, coerced and tortured evidence allowed in to the courtroom for the prosecution. Limited access to full and proper defense. All that stuff. They should have had convictions dropping like snowflakes on a January Davos morning.

Who knows how many? Let us know...

Peace, Love & Freedom... Rock on...
~ Alias

Day Opening - February 3

"The roof of England fell, Great Paris tolled her bell, And China staunched her milk and wept for bread."
Karl Shapiro (1913 - 2000)