Friday, January 30, 2009

Turkish PM Minister Erdogan: a dangerous diplomat

Turkish PM Erdogan doesn’t like critical journalists. People know that in Turkey and some European countries - especially after Erdogan’s bargaining and blackmailing last week in Brussels regarding the EU accession talks. But yesterday, while talking at a forum in Davos, people around the world could observe a statesman who lost his temper again when he left the stage, full of anger, after he was denied more time to speak about the crisis in Gaza. The moderator was David Ignatius of the Washington Post. Witty, smart and provocative. And he, Erdogan, has to deal with that. Nit-picking journalists are everywhere. How does he think to survive when Turkey joins the EU? There is nothing wrong with showing your emotions but there is definitely something wrong with insulting countries and presidents of countries that are supporting you. And of course he showed the same old rhetoric all over again: ‘they didn’t show respect for me’ and ‘I defend Turkish honour’ my opinion you don't defend your honour by putting someone else down.
And during his talks with the IMF, which support is a must for Turkey to survive in an increasing competitive world, he is bargaining again; and he doesn’t show the flexibility which is so much needed in these case scenarios. It looks like that when he doesn’t get what he wants; he became angry and starts acting like a child. Call it self-indulgent.
Turkish mediator role looks like doomed in the Middle East. But for sure he gets the compliments of some Muslims, since he stood up against Israel. Only, he did it on the wrong way. And nobody is forgotten that he hosted the Sudanese President twice the last 2 years. The only Head-of-State alive, Omar Al-Bashir, who will probably face charges by the International Crime Court in The Hague for committing genocide. When Israel was bombing Gaza, Arab militias under supervision of the Sudanese government were bombing and targeting in Darfur refugees camps. But that doesn’t count in Erdogan narrow-minded worldview.

Day Openıng - January 30

If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.
Oscar Wilde