Monday, January 26, 2009

Anima Naturalis - Barcelona

Nude activists from the animal rights group Anima Naturalis stage a demonstration yesterday in Barcelona under the slogan 'skinless'. Creative? Yes...

Hey, Caveman! Valentine's Day is Coming...

Hey all you Lovers of Love out there, and you Cavemen, too. What are you going to get that special someone for Valentine's Day? Cavemen... Have you learned your lesson yet?

Don't worry, I'm here for you... Let's start with what not to get her...
  • The Cellulite Secret - Maybe its a good book - I wouldn't know - but let her girlfriends offer that to her.
  • The Dyson DC14 Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner - It may be the Mercedes of home cleaning tools, but it's also a powerful and inventive weapon that can be used against you. And it will be.
  • Porn - Holy mackeral, what were you thinking? Unless she requests a specific title, don't even think about it.
  • Sexy "Underwear" - Dude... Its called lingerie. This was a test... If you call it underwear, you're probably not the one to be picking it out for her.
  • Any "How-To" Book on Sex - The one possible exception to this would be the Kama Sutra, but be warned... If you don't know the difference between Shiva and Shakti, stay away from this. If she gets into the book and you're not well-schooled and prepared deliver on your end, she'll drop you like a bad habit. All you'll get is a photo postcard postmarked from the far east picturing her and some long-haired Tantra instructor walking naked on the beach, or in some funky figure-8. Don't risk it.
The list goes on, but hopefully you're catching the drift.

So... What's an appropriate gift for your lovely lady?

The safe bets are chocolates (if she's into that) and flowers. I mean... women will always accept those with a smile, but they are definitely "standard" and show no real creative thought, other than remembering the day. Cooking a nice meal and serving it to her by candle light is a wonderful gesture, and will likely score some points for you. A nice weekend holiday somewhere probably won't break the budget, will give you some great quality time together, and will give her something to talk about to her friends for months to come... big points here.

Use your imagination. Show a little heart. Make her feel as special as she is.

Now you need the clincher... Something that will let her know that you're more than just a caveman... That you really have a soul under that beer gut. Get her... A book of poetry about Love.

Its your lucky day... I know just the one...

Last spring I heard about a poetry competition by a small U.K. publishing house looking for Love poems. I had one ready and submitted it, and somehow - against all odds - it was selected for the book The New Poetry: In Love by Copeland Books. My poem "Lovers" is on page 38. The back cover states: "The book of poems represents the best work submitted to the Copeland Books Poetry Competition 2008. It is an eclectic range of excellent writing that focuses on the experience of falling in love, and on being in love." There are some excellent pieces in it by some very talented poets.

This book of love poems is the perfect thing to accompany the standard "chocolates and flowers", or to make that dinner or weekend holiday even more special for her. And you don't even have to go to one of those dreaded bookstores... You can order online and have it delivered by Valentines Day for about 10 British Pounds. But you have to act fast.

Click here for the website and place your order today.

(Don't let the fact that I'm not listed among the poets concern you... I have the book in hand, and my stuff is in it. )

For those who want a sampling of what's inside, you can check out my poem "Lovers" here...

Ok, Cavemen... and Lovers of Love... I've done all I can do for you this Valentine's Day season. The rest is up to you.

Rock on...

~ Alias

Day opening - January 26

Though lovers be lost, love shall not.