Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Whole Lotta Stuff Going on Out There...

This will be a relatively short post (given the depth of the topic) with a few links, to be followed up in more detail later. I'll advise when and where to find it, most likely on my own website. But for now, understand this...

About everything you think you see going on the world is either a) an illusion, or b) intentionally manufactured. That's a big and sweeping statement. If you try hard enough, you'll find some proof otherwise, but for now, go with me...

Citizens in many countries are beginning to stand up to protest their governments' policies, particularly related to the economic crises. Iceland and Greece come to mind easily, but its happening in every corner. See this article on the IMF's Strauss-Kahn's comments.

Now, let's differentiate between protests and riots. Riots are essentially protests that turn violent, and to be avoided at all cost. When violence starts, we won't know who is on what side. Here is a link to a Denver Post article outing the Denver Police themselves for posing as protesters and inciting riots at the Democratic National Convention last summer. Similar events have been repeatedly documented across the U.S., Canda, Greece, Germany and many other places around the globe. Now... Ask yourself "Why?".

One thing we do know is that violence and civil unrest is the primary justification for the growing militarization of police forces. And if the police are often behind turning otherwise peaceful demonstrations into violence (that is replayed over and over on television - fear-based justifications), then what we have is a circular "problem-solution" scenario, where our governments are creating the problems and then solving the "problems" with more manpower, more force, more heavy gear. Self-perpetuating militarization. Coming to a town near you.

Why is this important to Europeans?

The EU is planning a summit for March on the "violent protests" taking place, as described in the London Telegraph, here. Its very predictable that by 1) keeping the topic of "violent protests" in the news and 2) by continuing to feed the causes (tragically bad policy decisions) and 3) by continuing to feed the violence itself (as described above), Europe will be heading down the path of a more oppressive police state.

The same scenario is going down in the U.S. as well. It began a long time ago, but with this so-call War on Terror, its gathering intense steam. Its well documented that the FBI and other agencies are infiltrating and spying on peace groups and adding their members' names to the terror watch list. The threat of martial law is being tossed about at every turn, and was instrumental in the passage of the $700 billion bailout that now stands at $8.5 TRILLION and running. 12,000 U.S. military troops on the ground for the inauguration, and 20,000 (and growing) U.S. active-duty, battle-hardened soldiers have been committed to inside the borders in advance of the coming protests that are being arranged.

Here's the point... None of it is by accident. Its being carefully orchestrated. Its originated by our governments, perpetuated by our media, and our lives will likely change a great deal in the next few years. There's much we can do, but accept this caution... Never, ever, be a part of anything that sniffs of violence. No matter how worthy the protest, violence will not serve you in any way, and it will only reinforce the argument for less liberty and more state oppression.

I think that one day we'll get beyond protest and move toward detachment and independence from these institutions called governments, but we're not there yet. It will require a level of consciousness some degrees beyond what we have today. In the meantime, its in our best interest to see things for what they are, and to be prepared for what's coming. And to steer clear from violence at every turn.

If this sounds a bit radical for you, my best advice is to inform yourself. Similar scenarios were laid before me in 1998 by a couple of dear friends. My response, "You're nuts." Their response, "Inform yourself." And thus my process began. Some of you already see it. Others will continue to resist. Still others will open their minds and let new perspectives in. Our lives will be at least in part a function of how we continue to process new information like this.

These next couple of years will likely be strange. Let's keep our heads about us.

~ Alias

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